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Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story

Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story  By Dressage Daily– December 15, 2015–Elaine Lockhead Castelao was a single mother standing in the grocery store line when she noticed the woman in front of her wearing an embroidered horse jacket. They began chatting and Castelao learned that the woman was the first to try to […]

Top News: Two Great Reasons to Double Up on ThinLine!

Trainers are putting riders in double ThinLine pads during schooling or when a horse is more advanced than a rider.  While it is no surprise doubling ThinLine pads helps severally sore backed horses we were excited to discover many trainers are using double thickness ThinLine to “slightly dull” the riders seat on highly trained horses.   When horses are in training professionals are working hard […]

ThinLine Guarantees Riders Using This Pad Sit Gaits Better

. . . . With much less movement creating horses with confidence! Ears slightly pinned, tail-swishing, head tossing. These are signals that the horse is uncomfortable  He is not mean; there are no mean horses. But sometimes when horses are in pain or in fear they give these little signals showing they are unhappy. Without correction […]